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VibraMag VFM-R


Some products have a tendency to bridging when being conveyed in pipes. The VibraMag separator is set into vibration by an unbalance motor to avoid this. Intensity, direction and frequency of the oscillatory movement can be adjusted to the respective requirements.

BoxMag zweilagig Schnittansicht

The series of VibraMag VFM-R has a special U-rail guidance system for the magnetic insertion and EasyClean unit.

This guidance system has several functions:
It makes sure that the insertions are positioned accurately. Their weight will be taken up - thus relieving the operator during the cleaning process. And it ensures that the magnetic insertion and EasyClean-express cleaning unit may not separate unintentionally


  • VibraMag Stutzen mit Sicke
  • VibraxMag mit BFM-Anschluss
  • VibraMag mit Anschlusstutzen

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