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Magnetic systems

Magnetic separators of the company of RS Magnete reliably remove metallic contaminations from liquid or pourable material flows. The strong magnetic field of the neodymium magnetic systems attracts magnetizable particles and holds them tight.
The magnetic separator´s power is so strong that even slightly magnetic stainless steel can be seized.
The basic raw materials of our magnetic separators are highly coercive permanent magnets out of neodymium (NdFeB) with field strength values of up to 1470 mT.

Magnetic separators

We plan and build magnetic systems – from the simple filter rod or magnetic grid or plate magnet up to the complex tube magnet (BoxMag), fluid magnet (FluidMag) or vibration magnet (VibraMag).
All the magnetic separators can be delivered with various connections for the integration into the tube pipe system. Special designs for your product and local requirements are no problem for us.