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Magnetic separators for lumpy, fibrous products

Tube Magnet RSM-R


Tube magnets include plate magnets with a large magnetic depth effect. Grainy or fibrous products can also flow through the magnetic system´s casing and magnetizable contaminations are removed.

Tube Magnet RSM-K


With this type of tube magnet the material to be screened has only minimum impact surfaces. This is why it is particularly suited for the control of highly abrasive materials with grainy or fibrous structure.

Cascade Magnet KSS-L


Cascade magnets (hump magnets) are for the control of coarse-grained or lumpy products in a drop chute. The risk of bridging and therefore the clogging of the chute is reduced to a minimum. The number of magnetizable parts in the product shouldn’t be too high.

Shaft protective magnet SSM-E


Plate magnets with major monitoring depth for the subsequent installation into a shaft. As a possible alternative we can deliver directly-connectable shaft pieces with already installed protective magnet.