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Magnetic systems for dry products and liquids

Magnetic Rod MFS

Manual cleaning

All the magnetic rods without EasyClean - system are equipped with a tightly welded cladding tube out of 1.4301. Consequently, they are suited for the application in the powder- and liquid sector. It has to be assessed case by case which permanent magnetic material is used.

Magnetic Lab Rod MFS-L


Lab filter rods are usually used when spot checks of powdery products in the production are carried out or for analytical purposes in the quality management.

Magnetic Grid MFR

Manual cleaning

Magnetic grids are usually installed into chutes, pipelines or funnels. They are able to seize magnetizable particles from pourable products and hold them tight.

Magnetic Grid MFR-K


Our series MFR-K can directly be installed into tubes thus requiring only little installation space. A specificity is that the whole pipe cross-section is monitored magnetically.

Plate Magnet SMP

Manual cleaning

Protective magnets have a significantly larger depth effect in comparison to magnetic rods. The outer liner of the magnetic system which is made out of stainless steel is tightly welded and thus fulfills high hygienic requirements.