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Magnetic Rod MFS

Sealed magnetic system

The magnetic system of the magnetic rods, series MFS, is enclosed by a stainless steel tube. The nonmagnetic end pieces (can be supplied with inner thread or outer thread) are welded all around with the tube. It is thus ensured that the installed Neodymium permanent magnets do not come into contact with the product.

Magnetstab Feldaufbau

This type of rods can be used in the powder- and fluid sector.

We only use high quality rare earth magnet material out of NdFeB. Our standard reaches the following magnetic specific values:

  • - Energy product max. 342 kJ/m3
  • - Coercive force >= 876 kA/m
  • - Remanence Br max. 1370 mT (13700 Gauss)


  • magnetic rod with internal threads
  • magnetic rod with external threads

Design options